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Pinned topic single logout from all virtual host junctions

‏2014-02-26T05:01:26Z |

Hi Everyone,

In our environment we have one single WebSEAL instance setup with two virtual host junctions, one for IBM portal server and another for IBM connections.

We have enabled single sign on mechanism by setting "shared-domain-cookie" as true and SSO is working as expected.

Now what we want to achieve is that when a user logout from either portal or connections, he/she should logout from all the junctions. Some of the forum suggested removing cookies when user logout from backend server using java script in "logout.html" page. I tried with that option and after debugging I can confirm the cookies are being removed however that option is not helping in our scenario.

WebSEAL does have a setting called "logout-remove-cookie" which is by default false, I changed the value for this setting to true but still it's not helping.

Does anybody have idea how to achieve that? Any help would be highly appreciated.