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Pinned topic CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_CMD( 'IMPORT FROM creates sql3007 error

‏2014-02-06T15:01:55Z | sqlcode3007


Using DB2 10.5 on Linux...executing command in Data Studio 4.1

CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_CMD( 'IMPORT FROM "/home/db2inst1/Downloads/XXX/XXX_FlatFiles/dimAccessCode.txt" OF DEL MODIFIED BY coldel| REPLACE INTO DB2INST1.dimAccessCode' );

Am getting the following response

An I/O error occurred while writing to the message file.. SQLCODE=-3007, SQLSTATE=     , DRIVER=3.66.46

I have run his command before with out issue, however yesterday i created another db in the same db2inst1, and then dropped it using Data Studio and have been getting the error since.

Cannot find any information that helps me resolve this error. Any help would be appreciated.