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Pinned topic Deploying JSR286 compliant 'WAR' on weblogic Server?

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I believe if I export a Portal War from WEF7.0.1 project using Java Standard Portlet 2.0, I would get a JSR 286 compliant war.

Can I install this war on the Oracle Weblogic Server or any other JSR 286 compliant server?

Please share some documentation or link depicting the same?

E.g. I found a very help full article in one of the old posts regarding the JSR168 portlets



  • kevintap
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    Re: Deploying JSR286 compliant 'WAR' on weblogic Server?


    The WAR files generated by WEF are JSR-286 compliant.  However, some of the builders in WEF make use of WebSphere AppServer/Portal specific APIs, so there may be some builder functionality that won't work.

    It is also worth mentioning that app servers and portal servers other than IBM WebSphere App Server and WebSphere Portal are not supported deployment platforms.  Support would only be provided on a best effort basis, and you may in fact be in violation of your product license agreement.  I would suggest consulting with your IBM sales representative for additional information on licensing for such a deployment.

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    Re: Deploying JSR286 compliant 'WAR' on weblogic Server?


    As Kevin states, Web Experience Factory currently supports IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM WebSphere Application Server for deployment.     The old forum post you mention above describes steps for the "Bowstreet Factory" product, as stated in that thread, which was a predecessor to the current Web Experience Factory product, prior to acquisition by IBM, not a description of steps for the current Web Experience Factory or older WebSphere Portlet Factory products.   I've asked the forum administrators to remove that obsolete thread to avoid any further confusion.

    I hope that info helps,
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