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Pinned topic No value in TAM extended credential attribute in authrule

‏2013-07-03T08:25:04Z | authorisation rule tam

Hello TAM/ gurus,

As I understand it, the TAM authrule evaluation engine will return an error if one of the attribute specified in the authrule does not contain any value.

For example, I've defined an extended credential attribute in webseald.conf as follows:


tagvalue_ldap-initials = initials


Now, if I were to specify an authrule which references tagvalue_ldap-initials, and the identity happens to have no value in "initials" in LDAP, my understanding is that the authrule will fail with an error.


Question is:

Is there a way to ensure that the authrule will still process and not fail with an error, and assume that for those people with no values in their "initials" attribute, a default value such as "NULL" or similar is used?  (Apart from running a job to pre-populate everyone's LDAP attribute to "NULL" if they don't have any values in "initials", of course).

Any tips?