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i want to know how to find out if the table has been set to row level locking or page level locking??

how to change a table lock level from row level to page level OR from page level to Row level .. 

Can i set the database to have row level locking for all the table in it or i have to do it table-table ?



Deepak Samal

  • G.Paulus
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    Re: Table Lock Level


    Hi Deepak Samal,


    DB2 LUW does not have a page level locking like DB2 z/OS has. DB2 LUW has block insert, row and table level locking. There is no option to set a default lock level for the entire database. The default lock level is row level locking. I do not konw any usefull situation/workload to set a database per default from row to a higher lock level. Why do you want to be able to set a higher leven than row by default for the entire database?

    You can alter a table to use i.e. block insert, row or table level locking using:



    You can query the column LOCKSIZE in the catalog view SYSCAT.TABLES to determine the current defined locksize for a table.

    db2 "select locksize from syscat.tables where tabname='TABLE1'"


      1 record(s) selected.


    I = Block Insert (only used for MDC tables)

    R = Row Level

    T = Table Level


    Hope this helps and answers your question :)


    Best regards,

    Gerhard Paulus

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