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‏2014-04-15T15:05:35Z | debug display hod terminal

Hi everybody,

I would like to apologize to anybody I may offend if my technical knowledge or explanation isn't that great but this is my first exposure to Apache Geronimo.

The question i have is how do I get my AS400 session screens to display on the server desktop. The development team that we have hired has set the trace.HOD.DISPLAYTERMINAL=1 in both the file and the file. However anytime someone starts a session we can not see the session on the screen because the previous systems administrator turned of this option and has no idea how to get it back.

We need this ability to see the screens in case for some reason one of our users has an issue with their session and we need to see what they are doing and what we need to fix.

We are running this on a RedHat Enterprise 5 System.

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    I think it is not a WASCE or geronimo issue. Could you post your question in AS400 community?