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‏2014-02-16T19:43:07Z | upgrade

Hi All

Currently we have CCCQReqPro at I am wondering which version shall we upgrade to, 8.0 or 8.0.1. What's the difference? Particular about the ACL, once it's upgraded, does it automatically enabled?

We have many customizations with ClearCase, including CC for z/OS, and try to reduce the upgrade risk as much as possible. I am not particularly interested in any of the new features in 8, just because v7 is out of support. I don't want to upgrade the VOB schema as that's just more work.

What's your suggestion? What I am looking for is minimum work, just upgrade the software and hope everything will work as usual. After that, I can look into the new features to see if we can come up a proper design to use them, especially the ACL thing.



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    Re: Upgrade to or 8.0.1


    8.0.1 is the latest version. No matter you upgrade to 8.0.1 or 8.0, test must be done before the upgrading to reduce the risk.

    This is what's new for ClearCase 8.0.1:

    If ACL is an important function for you, this feature has been enhanced in 8.0.1.


    If your current VOB schema version is 54 or later, it would be compatible with version 80.