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Pinned topic IBM Storage Insights upgrades on 17 or 18 November 2018

‏2018-11-12T22:39:44Z |

Dear Customer,
Your instance of IBM® Storage Insights is being upgraded! With each upgrade, we add new features to enhance usability, increase your productivity, and improve your support experience.  As we perform this upgrade, you'll be temporarily unable to access your instance of IBM® Storage Insights on 17 or 18 November 2018, depending on your location.

When will this occur?
We'll perform the upgrades during this time window:
Eastern Standard Time (EST): 13:00 November 17 to 13:00 November 18
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): 18:00 November 17 to 18:00 November 18
Central European Time (CET): 19:00 November 17 to 19:00 November 18
China Standard Time (CST): 02:00 November 18 to 02:00 November 19

Your instance of IBM® Storage Insights will be unavailable for about four hours during this window.

What new functions are you adding?
Reduce noise while you do maintenance work
To minimize the number of alerts that are generated when you maintain your storage environment, you can stop the collection of data and restart it when you're finished.

Monitor the state of your storage environment
You can now see information as changes occur to your storage environment, such as when volumes are created, or pools deleted. As capacity and configuration information is received from the resources that are monitored, the capacity and configuration information shown on the dashboard, storage systems page, and properties pages is updated.

Monitor IBM Storwize® V7000 Gen3 storage systems
IBM Storage Insights supports the new IBM Storwize V7000 Gen3 system.

Don't forget to go to the Knowledge Center on 18 November for complete information about these new capabilities.


What about IBM Storage Insights Pro?
Create predefined capacity and inventory reports
You can now create predefined capacity or inventory reports that you can schedule and send by email. Just pick the capacity or inventory report that you want to create - a storage systems or pools capacity report, or a storage systems, modules, or managed disks inventory report. And, if you want, you can refine the information that you include in the report. For example, you can use advanced filters to create a capacity report that shows a list of pools that are nearly full. Or, you can create an inventory report for block storage systems that shows which of your IBM Storwize® storage systems have the correct software version.

Refine the information that you include in custom reports
Creating a table-view report? Use the new advanced filters to focus and give report recipients the information they need to make decisions. For example, you can create a custom report that shows whether your file systems have enough capacity.

Act, don't react, to capacity and environmental changes
You can now define alerts that notify you before capacity shortages become an issue or that notify you when your storage environment changes, such as when a new volume is added or deleted.

Get dynamic updates about the health of your storage environment
Call Home events are now augmented with up-to-date information about the status of resources, such as when pools or volumes go offline.


Is there any other impact?
While your instance is being upgraded, data collection is paused. When the upgrade is completed, data collection restarts automatically and you will be able to access IBM Storage Insights. Because data is not collected during the upgrade, you might notice gaps in charts or reports.

Do I need to take any action?
When you log in to IBM Storage Insights, you will be notified that an upgrade for the Data Collector is available. To benefit from all of the new features that were added and from the other improvements that were made, you must upgrade the Data Collector.
For more information about maintenance schedules, go to the Storage Insights Forum. To receive notifications about maintenance schedules, subscribe to this forum.


IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro cloud services are governed by the terms of the IBM Cloud Service Agreement, IBM Storage Insights Service Description, and the IBM Storage Insights Pro Service Description, respectively.
Your continued use of the IBM Storage Insights or IBM Storage Insights Pro cloud service indicates your acceptance of the terms referenced in these documents.