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Pinned topic No search data in terminated process instances

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We have created process and add some searcheble fields. We have set up saved searches using this fields.

What I have noticed, that there is no data for those fields if the process instance is terminated. Is this an expected behaviour ?

In our process there is an event subprocess which terminates parent process after timeout, but we need to see the values of those searcheble variables.

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    Re: No search data in terminated process instances


    You may want to try process inspector view in process admin. You could either do it through the browser or do it via REST call (I was reading the behind-the-scenes REST calls using Firebug






    You'll get back a JSON response.

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    Re: No search data in terminated process instances


    Do you mean "I can't see any business data in the terminated BPDs at all"?

    Or I can see business data from previously completed activities, but not from any partially completed activities that were terminated.

    The former I've never run into before. As gunner4life suggests, maybe you are accidentally filtering them out of your searches with a status filter. (Are you not seeing any business data, or not even seeing the instances in your search.)

    The latter is typical behavior. If the instances is terminated, the uncompleted task never have a chance to do data mapping back into the instance execution context.