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Pinned topic Why different domain names on Linux and Windows?

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Hi All

I was changing the owner of a VOB and everything inside using (cleartool protectvob -chown ccadmin ...). After I ran the command I used "cleartool desc -l vob:\" to see the ownership. It showed "A\ccadmin" if I ran the command on a Windows machine, but showed "B\ccadmin" if I ran from the Linux server.

A is our Windows domain name, don't know about B. Notice in protectvob, I didn't pass in any domain name.

This is about any settings in domain controller?




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    Re: Why different domain names on Linux and Windows?


    Well the Linux machine shall use accounts presumably from an NIS domain.

    I would expect that regardless which machine you run protectvob on,

    subsequent describe on Windows will show "A\ccadmin"

    while subsequent describe on Linux will show "B\ccadmin"