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Pinned topic ODBC Data Source Fails After Upgrade to 10.1.1

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Hi all

I have just upgraded a client from 8.4 to 10.1.1. All has gone fine apart from a data source connection to an ODBC connection has failed. Both Cognos 8 and Cognos 10 are running on the same server and running fine in parallel, but the data source connection on Cognos 8 returns a success. They are running a windows server 2003 environment and the ODBC connection uses a microsoft text driver to connect to a folder on another server with no authentication.

Now its starts getting weird because if I import this data source connection in to Framework Manager (cognos 10), I can see all the files in the folder, I can retrieve data from these tables and data source connection tests fine. However, if I publish the package and try pull data back from one of the query subjects in report studio, then I get same error as when I test the data source connection.

The errors I have are:


Any help would be much appreciated.


  • DanielWagemann
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    Re: ODBC Data Source Fails After Upgrade to 10.1.1


    The detail text around the UDA-SQL errors would be very useful.  Based on your description, I would guess that this could be one of two things.  The SQL grammar file is different between the two versions.  Although if you have the C10 FM installed into the same directory as the C10BI and FM works fine, this is probably not it.


    The permissions of the service account that start the IBM Cognos 10 BI service.  Try changing this from whatever it is to an Administrator of the box.  You will need to do a stop and start.  Alternatively, you can stop the service and then use the startup.bat file from the bin to start it up as a test.  If it works with the startup.bat then its a permissions issue.


    If the two items above do not help, please post the entire error messages and I will have another look.

  • Lloyd_Buss
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    Re: ODBC Data Source Fails After Upgrade to 10.1.1


    Thanks Daniel. It turned out to be the permissions on the of the service account like you said. I forgot to change the logon of the Cognos 10 service from Local System to the designated service account.