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Pinned topic Can I start the object headings at 0 instead of 1?

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I'm creating a module based on a high-level quality document with an Introduction that starts at 0 instead of 1, e.g., 0 Introduction, and the sub-headings are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc. I'd like to exactly reflect the document structure in the DOORS module. Can I modify the start point for heading numbering so it begins at 0?

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    Re: Can I start the object headings at 0 instead of 1?



    But if edit the Object Text of the 1st object in the module to be just a space (and have no Heading), then it's "Object Number" will be "0-1" (as opposed to "0.1"), but you won't see it in the main column.  If you put an object below that (with Object Heading), its number 2ill be "0-1.1". 

    If you replace the space in the top object (text) with "0  Introduction" and then adjust your view settings such that level 1 Object Text is font size say 18 and bolded, you might have something close to tolerable.  In any event, the 1st object at level 1 that has Object Headings will get number "1" which is what you want and need.