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‏2012-08-20T14:41:08Z |
 I have problem a few problems during simulation in RSA 8.0.4.

-with UAL condition . When I put condition in UAL in opt combinded fragment (see attachment testowy1/Diagrams/BlankPackage/SequenceDiagrams/Collaboration5) 5 + 2 == 2 during execution it still ask me if this combined fragment should execute despite this condition.

-with OCL condition. When I try to write some OCL condition it underlined it and said that it contains errors. I would be grateful for any example with condition in OCL in activity or sequnce diagram!

I can send you my project testowy1 via email: or I'll be grateful for any working example!
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    Re: Simulation Toolkit - problem with UAL and OCL

     Currently simulation has very limited support for action language usage. This is in particular true for sequence diagrams. In most cases dialogs will popup to let the user interactively decide the path to take in the simulation session.
    For the constructs where the simulation does take action language code snippets into account, only the Java subset of UAL is currently supported. 
    You can find some documents that describe how model simulation work at the RSA wiki (section Model Simulation).