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Pinned topic ERROR : logproc: file has future modify time

‏2013-06-14T06:57:03Z |

Hi All,

I've unintentionally set the system date  to a future date ( e.g.  12/27/2014). Once I discovered this mistake, I correct the mistake by resetting the system date and restart the system. It seems working fine but find thousands of the following error in the TM_daemon.log


logproc: file has future modify time: /fnsw/local/logs/.log/log.20141227
logproc: modify time is  114-12-27 23:46:36
logproc: current time is 113-6-6 16:29:17
logproc: automatic errorlog file deletion suppressed


Even worst, after running for a few days, the system hang and need to be restart.

Anyone encounter this problem before and how can I fix it ?




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