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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper : "Moving to the Cloud" proposed topic for V5

‏2010-07-19T10:32:03Z |
 As previously posted, Version 4 of the Cloud Compouting Use Cases White Paper was published June 30th and can be accessed at .

We asked for input for a topic for V5 and based on the feedback to date, the topic "Moving to the Cloud" has percolated to the top.

As we move into Version 5 and Moving to the Cloud, a sample of the questions that will need to be answered are as follows:

* What is the business criteria for considering a service / application to be moved to the Cloud?
* What kinds of applications / data are a good match for the cloud?
* What kinds of workloads are a good match for the cloud?
* What regulatory and legal considerations limit the options for cloud computing?
* When to move everything to the cloud, when to use the cloud to handle overflow processing (cloudbursting), when to keep things in house but use the cloud for backup, etc.

These topics start to form the areas of content that can be considered and discussed. I am sure that other discussion threads will evolve in support of Moving to the Cloud.

The topic "Moving to the Cloud" is very complementary to what has already been developed in Version 4. Let us know what you think about "Moving to the Cloud" as the topic for V5.

We have a lot of real-world, hands-on experience in the group, and sharing that with the community would be really valuable.

p.s. We've gotten positive feedback from many different corners, that's always great to hear.   

Have a good day and look forward to your comments.

Thanks very much