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Pinned topic DXL script to display all in-links from multiple modules in one column

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I need a DXL script that displays certain attributes by tracing the in-links from multiple modules and display their attributes in one column. I am trying to use the analysis wizard but I can't seem to be able to specify multiple modules. I can do it in seperate columns with the wizard, but I need my attributes to show in one colmn.

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    Re: DXL script to display all in-links from multiple modules in one column



    You can use the analysis wizard by specifying to use all open modules, and have those modules open when you run it.

    Otherwise, you can start with using the analysis wizard on one module and then modify the wizard code to include other modules.  I ran a quick wizard and it looks like the main line you would need to change is:

     if (!equal(getItem otherMod, (itemFromID limitModules[depth-1]))) continue

    So that it will not continue with the modules you want to use.

    To modify the wizard code, click on the column heading of the new column created by the wizard, select Properties, click the Browse button next to the Layout DXL radio button, then select the Current button.  This will bring up the wizard code in an edit Layout DXL window.

    I find it easiest to copy and paste that starting point into my own text editor and then work on it from my own file.

    Hope this helps,