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Forwarded from a business partner:

I have some feedback and questions concerning the SC APM Entry Edition. 

I downloaded the SCAPMEE 7.6 VMs a few weeks ago. The integration into our vCenter was very easy. The first startup worked without any problems and it was directly possible to e.g. deploy agents remotely. All in all it is much easier to install and configure ITM and its agents as it was without the pre-installed VMs and the launch pad. 
The version 7.6 that we are using, includes ITM 6.2.3 FP 2 and SCM 7.1. Do you know if it is planned to provide a version of SCAPMEE with the new ITM 6.3 and SCM 7.2 included? If yes, when will this approximately be? 
Thank you
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    Re: Great product, question about ITM 6.3


    Good feedback, thanks.  Having cut my teeth on ITM deployments, I wish this had come along when I was a hands-on practitioner.

    We certainly do plan to upgrade the underlying ITM infrastructure to ITM 6.3 (FP 1, most likely), along with the SCM 7.1 updates.  Because we have to repackage and retest everything as a consolidated whole, to maintain our seamless "turn-key" value proposition, this isn't a trivial effort.  With that in mind, in with a looming refresh of many of the included application monitoring agents coming in this year's intended release of SmartCloud APM 7.7, we will have the team continue to focus on that effort, and combine both the ITM/SCM update and the SCAPM update, into a refresh of the SCAPM Entry Edition VM Image virtual appliance later this year.  Understanding that  this response is not a commitment to a particular date, it is our intention to deliver that repacked image early in the fourth quarter, with a beta release possibly available in 3Q (depending upon how the application agent sprints line up).