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‏2013-11-06T12:47:14Z | informix timeseries


I've now managed to get the sample shipped with informix 12.10 to work (dbaccessdemo). it includes the time-series stuff ok.

Question: if I were to create a new database, how do I "import" all the time-series definition? I see a bunch of *.sql files in the timeseries install directory, but fail to see when and how these are executed.

should that just happen automagically when creating a new database? "create database <some_name>"?

  • HedwigFuchs
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    Re: Informix TimeSeries for new database



    you need to register the timeseries datablade in the database. You can do this with either

    - SYSBldPrepare() (see


    - trough the scheduler task "autoreg exe". This task registers database extensions when they are first used

  • c_binding
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    Re: Informix TimeSeries for new database


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I did notice though that the "stores_demo" DB seems automagically become a time-series DB in the dbaccessdemo COM script.  Maybe it was "just" this I was missing.

    for the time being I do use the "stores_demo" DB for prototyping my code, alternative might also be to use a LINUX box for Informix (plus OAT)