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Pinned topic How easy is it to port Linux x86 LE code to support Power Linux LE?

‏2014-05-05T13:21:06Z |

With the announcement by both Ubuntu and Suse to support Little Endian for Power how "easy" is it to port Intel x86 LE apps to run on Power LE?

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    Re: How easy is it to port Linux x86 LE code to support Power Linux LE?


    Depends.   In many many cases, it's just a recompile.  In fact, the LE side of Power should make it easier since it eliminates an entire class of potential issues with x86 code.

    Canonical just completed porting 40,000+ packages from Intel x86 LE over to Power LE base for POWER8.    (Reference available on the keynote speech by Mark Shuttleworth on the blog here)

    The IBM SDK has easy tools available to do source code analysis and migration assistance.

    Separate from LE, what might trip you up is the fact that the distros and the community are increasingly heading down a path of 64-bit only applications.   Ubuntu 14.04 for Power will only support 64-bit applications now..  so any old 32-bit applications will need to be flipped in the build process to 64-bit.    That can be simple and painless depending on the code, or there can be standard 32-bit to 64-bit gotchas where programmers are expecting / assuming a particular size with a default type.