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Pinned topic Solr core creation fails in WCS

‏2018-08-03T07:33:12Z | solr wcs

Hi , 


I am trying to create a solr core following the steps mentioned in link

But , I solr core creation fails with error "

[ERROR   ] org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error CREATEing SolrCore 'MC_10001_CatalogEntry_Ranking_generic': Unable to create core [MC_10001_CatalogEntry_Ranking_generic] Caused by: Solr no longer supports forceful unlocking via the 'unlockOnStartup' option.  This is no longer necessary for the default lockType except in situations where it would be dangerous and should not be done.  For other lockTypes and/or directoryFactory options it may also be dangerous and users must resolve problematic locks manually.

Can folks please help in suggesting how to resolve this issue





  • Sreejith.kanneri
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    Re: Solr core creation fails in WCS


    Could you share more of the  logs ?