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Pinned topic TRIRIGA - FileNet - Metadata

‏2018-06-06T12:06:39Z |

We want to integrate TRIRIGA with FileNet using CMIS 1.1 but needs to know what are all standard metadata that TRIRIGA send to FileNet. Ex. file name, date creation, date modification, document type, document size, TRIRIGA user owner, etc.


And if it is possible to send custom metadata when creating new custom fields at Document Business Object.


How can we do it?


Thank you
  • dan.mazzella
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    Re: TRIRIGA - FileNet - Metadata


    The following properties are sent as part of the integration

    • Document Name
    • Document Type
    • Document Path

    The owner is going to be the CMIS username as defined in the TRIRIGAWEB.properties.  

    Further custom meta-data is not supported.  The purpose of the CMIS integration is to have the binary content not stored in the TRIRIGA Database as Blobs.