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Hi everebody,

i have a problem with the remote control on my IBM Bladecenter.

When i clic on the remote control navigator ask me for Java, i accept (JAVA 7.45 installed) the java page open the remote disk work i have the name on all my blade i can change but on the remote console i have nothing appear just a white screen.

Before the update of java that working but now always problem on different navigator, i uninstall the update of java same problem.

Anybody have the navigator with the good version of JAVA can work ?

Thanks by advance.

Regards, Mickael.

  • gez
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    Re: Bladecenter and remote control


    What OS and browser versions are you using?

    I am running Windows 7, Java 7.45, IE10 and  Firefox 17.0.1o, and remote control works fine.

    Have you restarted the AMM?

    Have you updated the AMM?

    Try rebooting the service processors on the blades.

  • bobpatrick
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    Re: Bladecenter and remote control


    Hi gez, thanks for reply


    I have IE10 And firefox 25.0.1 and java 7.45 and one of my blade center works with firefox but for the other i found i want to have IE10 and Java 1.42_19, on one computer i have installed IE10+Java1.42_19 and on the other Firefox 25.0.1 and java 7.45 and that work but2 computer.