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Pinned topic Did you know that you do not need to run DTXINST to install ITX V10 on Linux/AIX systems

‏2019-04-25T10:53:20Z |

The following link is to the install part of the  ITX V10 release notes


An extract of the ITX release notes follows with details of how to install ITX V10 on Linux and AIX systems.


Install the runtime and monitoring server


To install Runtime and Monitoring on Linux and AIX systems

A single Linux® and AIX installation provides the Command Server, Launcher, IBM Transformation Extender API and monitoring tools. The supported UNIX® shells are ksh and bash.

    Download and extract the archive (.tgz) file to a directory of your choice.
    Go to the installation directory and run the setup command:

. ./setup
Use the dtxcmdsv execution command to run a map with the Command Server.