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When I try to view jobs in some folder through the DataStage director ' the session stuck

My guess is because we have a lot of invocations of the jobs in these folders

The auto purge setting is set up to 2 days, and we need to keep it that way

Do you know of a way to set up the number of invocation showing in the director view? 

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    Re: datastage director stuck



    This settings  "auto purge setting is set up to 2 days" is fine for keeping multiple invocations in the specific folder. Also you can over ride the purge settings for the specific job by below steps. But if you set "auto purge setting as last 7 runs" in that case you can see only 7 invocations in director.


    * Select the Job

    * Then in the menu click  Job --->  Clear Log

    * Select Auto-Purge

    * and Select and set Older than (days)

    Please try the above steps and run your job you can see all invocations in the folder. For easy to view/monitor the jobs in director, clasify and move the jobs into multiple folders and make sure each folder does not exceed more than 50 jobs including all the invocations.


    Sivaprakasam T



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