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‏2013-06-14T04:03:23Z | dblookup

Hi All, Good Day. I have been struggling lately for a reqirement,where a DBLOOKUP has to be retried a fixed number of times between specific intervals. The DBLOOKUP is given in the target mapping rule and calls a stored procedure with parameters obtained from the fields of the input type tree. So, the DB procedure is called with dynamic parameters. When the procedure fails, we need to retry it. I dont find any RETRY or WAIT INTERVAL option to the DBLOOKUP function.

Few friends have suggested to me that GET option at the input card can be edited as it has the RETRY options and specify the GET source as database, but my problem is the parameters for the DB Call are dynamic and should be retrieved from the input.


Any help in this regard is greately appreciated. Please help me out in this.

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    Re: Retrying DBLOOKUP


    There is not setting for that.. you need to handcode.. make your procedure return the return code as failure go to another subsequemt rule or executable map and call the procedure again do it untill you go down to level 5 as you want to try it 5 times.