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Pinned topic Running the Data Explorer Index for Social Data application

‏2013-09-11T15:52:56Z |

hello All,

I am trying to get the  Index for Social Data application from BigInsights to work with data explorer. i have been following the instruction from the IBM site ( but there are some parts in the documents that are not clear. Does anyone know. . .


1. The "de_index.config"  How is this file created? This file contains a series of JSON records, one for each field in the input data source, i have some on my system but I am not sure how they were created.

2. When setting up the application in Big Insights there is an instruction "e. In the Data Explorer Entity Type field, specify the type of record that is built. " Can I get some example of what this field is supposed to be? there does not seem to be any more information on it. What options are there?

3. There is no mention on the site that you need to create a search collection on the data explorer system to use as a holder for the Social Data application to use to push the data accross. I have asked around and I have heard that this does need to be created before you create a cluster-collection-store entity model setting. Can this be conformed ? Do you just create a blank search collection and the Social Data application will auto fill it up?