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Pinned topic installing XLc on RHEL6

‏2013-09-18T21:27:55Z | rhel xlc

I'm trying to install DB2 on RHEL V6 and having difficulty with some of the prerequisites.  Specifically, I need to install XLc 12.1 which requires gcc 4.1.2+, gcc-c++ 4.1.2, and glibc 2.4 for PPC64.  

I can't find rpms for those applications.  Can you point to where they are hiding or to someone who may know?

I am enclosing the XLc install log in case someone needs it:

Thanks for any assistance you can give...


  • Bill_Buros
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    Re: installing XLc on RHEL6


    You just need to install the distro GCC packages.     The error messages list the minimum required

    error: Failed dependencies:     
      gcc >= 4.1.2 is needed by vac.lib- 
      gcc-c++ >= 4.1.2 is needed by vac.lib-  
      glibc-devel >= 2.4 is needed by vac.lib-    
      gcc >= 4.1.2 is needed by vacpp.rte-    
      gcc-c++ >= 4.1.2 is needed by vacpp.rte-     
      gcc >= 4.1.2 is needed by vac.cmp-    
      gcc-c++ >= 4.1.2 is needed by vac.cmp-    
      glibc-devel >= 2.4 is needed by vac.cmp-

    We generally mount (or point to) the RHEL 6 iso image to enable the yum repo (which we recommend doing anyway).     That way you don't have to manually chase all of the dependencies.

    There's an earlier article here.


    The gcc packages for RHEL 6.4 are as follows.    You are looking for the gcc 4.4 images.

    # cat /etc/redhat-release 
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)

    # rpm -qa | grep gcc

    The RPMs should be on the base DVD image.

    Since you don't yet have the basic GCC packages on the system, we would also highly recommend the basic value-add tools for Power Linux - described here.


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