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Pinned topic Permissions Required for DataPower WSRR Server Object

‏2014-02-26T00:05:16Z | datapower

When configuring the user name and password for the WSRR Server object in DataPower, what permissions does the ID require?  Must it be an administrator?  Can it be a general user?

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    Re: Permissions Required for DataPower WSRR Server Object


    I believe it can be a user that has permissions to retrieve the Service Version or WSDL you subscribe to, and run the SLAAttachment API on WSRR. The SLAAttachment API runs a lot of queries under the cover to find policy attachments and SLAs for the Service Version (or WSDL).

    DataPower also creates a subscription in WSRR to get notified when the WSRR Service or WSDL changes.

    In WSRR you can configure the ACL rules to whatever you want, restrict users from viewing certain things, or creating items, etc.

    Most of the stuff DataPower does is query only, so if you set up WSRR so that a WSRRUser can see everything I think a normal user will be sufficient. The user must be able to create a subscription as well.

    However if you have complex access control rules where certain roles can only see certain things, you will need to use a user in a role who can retrieve the items in WSRR that DataPower will want to get; namely the Service Version or WSDL, SLA, SLD and Policies that are attached. So its easier to have a user who can just retrieve everything and create a subscription.