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Pinned topic WebSphere Portal 6.1 base WAS7 server runtime in RAD 8.5

‏2013-09-05T06:15:50Z |

I need a WebSphere Portal 6.1 base WAS7 server runtime in my RAD 8.5 environment. It isnt available by default so i went to the Installation Manager and tried to get the development tools and server runtimes for this environment but it looks like RAD 8.5 doesnt have support for WebSphere Portal 6.1. Only WP7 and above is supported. Runtimes and dev tools for WAS 6.1 are available though

So does this mean i will not be able to create a stub for my environment in RAD 8.5 (will have to move back to RAD 8??). Or is there some way around this.