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I have specific video analysis workloads that demand high CPU and high I/O, and would like to make comparisons between X86 and Power systems. Perhaps find that Power can offer advantages for these kind of workloads. However, I can't seem to find a Linux-on-Power (7) system to do the tests. Does the LTC perhaps provide test machines for these kind of tests? Any way to get access to machines to do good comparisons? Thanks, Peter W

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    Re: Availablity of PowerLinux Systems?


    There are a number of options... some just emerging..    We'll check and answer back here..  

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    Re: Availablity of PowerLinux Systems?


    Peter, don't you work at IBM?

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    Re: Availablity of PowerLinux Systems?


    Peter, have you talked to Joefon Jann in Yorktown?   She is the IBM research liason for POWER systems.   I have worked extensively with her in the past on AIX.  She should know who serves this role for PowerLinux.    At a minimum, she should be able to get you an LPAR.  

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    Peter -

    If you are an IBM Business Partner, e.g., a member of PartnerWorld, the IBM Innovation Centers have Power 7 machines running either RHEL or SEL at their sites.   Unfortunately this service is not available to IBMers or IBM Customers.  If this sounds possible, contact me @ 

    Chris H.