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Pinned topic SOA 7.2 and APMUI - and no data

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I see that the APMUI supports the SOA agent.


The document lists S4 but the SOA Product Code is D4.  I also can not find the attribute "Group Status" in the product documentation.  Is D4 a hidden PC or ??

After adding "Service Management Systems" agents to APMUI only the "Events" icon shows up?  Is there something missing, there should be some resources or ??  These D4 agents are returning data in the TEPS.  I am also not seeing in activity in the APM_UI.log showing a request being made to the TEPS for the data though.

I tried pulling a Process Group from the pick list, but there is nothing there.  I believe that requires the Domain Management Server in place, which that is not in place at this customer.  Is this a true statement?

I also could not find a SOA example on the live demo site, is there one?



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    Re: SOA 7.2 and APMUI - and no data


    D4 agent is ITCAM for SDMS agent, it monitors the status of SDMS of ITCAM for SOA, which should be downloadable from APM UI ISM, or you can use its latest version which was just released with ITCAM for SOA v7.2 FP1.


    After you pulling a Process Group from the pick list, you should be able to see a Process Group widget in the resource dashboard besides Event dashboards, here is the sample on the demo site:, choose application Online Catalog.