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I am installing the IBM Identity Manager Installation with Oracle Database instead of DB2. Client is insisting on Oracle instead of DB2.

In this regard I have few questions.

1. Is there any steps to be considered while installing the TDS and Identity Manager with the Oracle Database

2. While installing the TDS it asks for the DB2 database, does we need to install the embedded DB2 for TDS or we need to point to the Oracle database.

3. The middleware configuration utility which we run before installing the IBM Identity Manager. This does the pre-requisite configuration of DB2 and TDS for IBM Identity Manager. Do we have the same utility to run for the Oracle Database or do we have some scripts which we might need to run manually on the oracle database. 

Appreciate any responses on this.




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    Re: IBM Identity Manager Installation with Oracle Database instead of DB2



    TDS can only be run with DB2 database.

    If you want to use features like online backup or optimize the performance you need to do this in the database. So to a certain extend you will need to become a DB2 export to run TDS in a large environment with 24/7 requirements.

    ISIM can be run with Oracle (e.g. 11GR2 - 12c is not yet supported) without problem. We run ITIM 5.0 /ISIM 6.0 for 5 years with Oracle now.

    NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8 and NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS CHAR should be used. If you have Dataguard you need to manually configure the connectionstring in WebSphere after the installation in all data sources as the ISIM installer does not support it. I dont know if RAC is supported as we dont use it for ISIM

    Some problems we got with our Oracle operating team when we wanted to install ITIM in the beginning:
    If you install using the ITIM installer you need to provide a user with sysdba privileges to configure the Oracle database which also creates some users that are used at runtime.
    By default the runtime users configured also requires DROP ANY TABLE permission. Both is forbidden by our Oracle operating team, so we ended up installing the database manually and it is also possible to operate WebSphere SIB bus tables without DROP ANY TABLE permission.

    Hope this helps