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Pinned topic Installation problem DB2 10.5 Express-c on WIN 7

‏2013-09-10T14:49:32Z | check32bitdb2on64bitsystemca

Some weeks ago I installed DB2 Express-c 10.5 64Bit on my Windows 7 Professional System.

I wanted to do some exercises with Rexx. For this reason I installed also Regina Rexx; this showed up to be outdated and not compliant to this version of DB2. Therefore I switched to ooRexx, the version IBM recommends.
*BUT*: as I experienced this version of Rexx does not work with the 64Bit edition and I tried to install the 32Bit edition of DB2.

However - for some reason the de-installation (Installation Manager problems) of the 64Bit version failed partly and I could not install the 32Bit version, due to this problem:
Check32bitDB2on64bitSystemCA returns  '1', thus preventing me from doing the install.

My question now is: how can I clean up my system without having the burden of a new windows installation?


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    Re: Installation problem DB2 10.5 Express-c on WIN 7


    Solved, I 1st did an installation of the 64bit version, then deinstalled it and the installed the 32bit version successfully.