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Pinned topic Page refreshing twice every time data is submitted from tree hirearchy portlet to second portlet

‏2013-07-10T06:29:34Z | hierarchy tree


i have a scenario where the page reloads twice when ever data is submitted from tree hierarchy portlet to target portlet which are on the same page.

how can i avoid this second time refreshing of the page.

im using tree builder for tree hierarchy in the portlet.when i select any child item ,the target portlet has to show up giving details of this child item.this is what we are doing.For moving data from one portlet to target portlet we are firing both client side and server side events.

As per the sample from WEFsamples we are following the same way for achieving the above.(

thus as already said here is where the page reloads twice when data is shared from source portlet to target portlet.

plz suggest me how i can get solution for this reloading problem....


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  • Michael Burati
    Michael Burati
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    Re: Page refreshing twice every time data is submitted from tree hirearchy portlet to second portlet


    Does the sample you refer to also exhibit that (double-refresh) behavior or just your use of the technique from that article?

    There are (at least) two reasons I can think of for such a double-page-refresh:

    (1)  Both portlets are being hit with URLs that trigger a portal page refresh

    (2) One (or both) portlets execute a Partial Page / Smart Refresh AJAX based URL which does NOT receive the page HTML it was expecting (the id of the html element its looking for is not in the response) and thus the PPR/SmartRefresh code does a full page refresh in case it's due to a session/authentication timeout (which can help you get back to the portal login page) or another transient error that a full page refresh may resolve.

    If it's the latter (unexpected result) cause then running it with the browser console open (Firebug or Chrome Debugger or IE Dev Tools) can often tell you if there's a Javascript error or unexpected response error coming back from one of the AJAX requests).

    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati 
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