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Pinned topic Action Regenerator for TEM v. 9

‏2013-12-13T12:59:33Z | actions ibm regenerator tem

After updating some Baselines with new components, I wanted to update all existing actions using this particular Baseline. 

As it turns out, the Action Regenerator - tool is not available for version 9 of the TEM. So my question is:

I know i can do this manually. I also know i can utilize the REST API and make some kind of robot doing it... But apart from these obvious solutions, how would I update all actions using a specific baseline when the regenerator is not available?

Kind regards Jesper

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    Re: Action Regenerator for TEM v. 9


    Ah so I think this isn't working because APIs changed from TEM 8 to TEM 9. I think this one would be a good thing for us to investigate and get back to you on.