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Pinned topic MaaS360 upgrades App Catalog to version 3.0 for your portal in August, 2016!

‏2016-07-08T18:30:41Z | 3.0 app catalog ibm maas360 management mdm new sps

MaaS360 upgrades the new App Catalog version 3.0 to all users on 7th August 2016.

This new App Catalog has been designed to provide a iTunes Appstore and Google Play experience. It has been optimized to simplify discovery of relevant apps, promote key apps to users using app bundles and featured apps, and manage apps at scale. 

If you are using the App Catalog version 2.0 on iOS and Android platforms, you will be moved to App Catalog 3.0 in early August to take advantage of these new features. You can also choose to move to the new App Catalog 3.0 anytime you wish to (before the August upgrade) by navigating to Apps >> More >> App Catalog Settings >> Enable App Catalog 3.0 setting in the MaaS360 administration portal. 


You can choose between Simple and Advanced modes of the app catalog.  Advanced mode has additional features such as featured apps, bundles, updates, user reviews and much more. 

To learn more about the new App Catalog 3.0, refer to the below links:


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