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Pinned topic Why v3700 tries to route iscsi using wrong port?

‏2014-02-21T16:50:39Z |


I have a v3700 (system version set up so that management IP is on port 1 and iSCSI is configured to another network on port 2 only. However, I'm not able to ping any IP address in the same iSCSI subnet from v3700 SSH command line - the Destination Net Unreachable message comes from a router that is behind the management port.

I have double-checked that the subnet mask on iSCSI is correct.

Why does v3700 try to communicate via default gateway on management port 1 if the device is directly connected to iSCSI subnet on port 2? Command lsroute shows an empty IPv4 routing table.

I've read Example iSCSI configurations and my configuration should be similar to Figure 2 except there is only management interface in Port 1 in each node and only iSCSI in Port 2 in each node.

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Cristian Seres

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    Re: Why v3700 tries to route iscsi using wrong port?

    ‏2014-02-24T08:21:14Z  in response to CrSe

    The CLI help for the svctask ping command says:

    This command checks whether the specified IP address is accessible from
    the configuration node.

    Note: You can only use this command on ports 1 and 2 (for management

    The ping takes place only from the configuration node. It can be useful
    for diagnosing problems where the configuration node cannot be reached
    from a specific management server.

    Based on that, I don't think the ping test is intended to be used for testing iSCSI connectivity.