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Hello everyone!


I'm currently investigating on the diagram compare function on System Architect where the user can perform a time comparison of diagrams. It is said here ( that on the release of SA before 11.4 that the user could just perform time comparison between diagrams that contained symbols based on definitions that had at least one of the two following date properties: "Effective Date", "In Service Date".

But since SA 11.4, it is said that we can perform a time comparison of diagrams based on any date property. However, I cannot manage to perform a time comparison with any other date property.

As anyone encounter the same issue?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards,



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    Re: Compare Models function


    I have not seen this issue in the latest rlse myself but you might consider posting this on the two System Architect User Groups listed on the LinkedIn site - they seem to be more active than this one for these type of requests.

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