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Pinned topic Source v8.8 - project goal appers to be truncating the ppf file at 4096 bytes

‏2014-01-06T17:00:42Z |

I have a customer that is doing an eval of appscan source v8.8.  Here is the issue he is running into ...

I've run into a problem where the ounce:project goal appears to be truncating the ppf file at 4096 characters.  Is there any way to get someone to look into this.  This is a roadblock in our current evaluation.  
You can duplicate this test by downloading the nexus-oss project from github and running the ounce:project goal to generate a ppf file.  The project built out-of-the-box for me so it should be easy to duplicate. Then import the ppf file into an application from the UI.
This results in: XML parse fatal error: File (/Users/bruce/Projects/Static/nexus-pro/nexus-oss-master/components/nexus-core/nexus-core.ppf) Line (3) Column(3933) Message(unexpected end of input) 
Where the file is exactly 4096 bytes.
The ppf file is attached.