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Pinned topic Running a JAQL Script in eclipse (Windows)

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How to run a JAQL script in eclipse in windows environment?

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    Re: Running a JAQL Script in eclipse (Windows)


    You should install the BigInsights tools for Eclipse which will allow you to run Jaql scripts in a Windows environment. Please see the installation instructions in the Information Center for details on how to install the tooling:
    The page also mentions the prerequisites for Windows. In order to able to run Jaql scripts on Windows, you need to install cygwin on the Windows machine and add the cygwin bin folder to your PATH environment variable before starting Eclipse.

    For steps on setting up the BigInsights project and running Jaql programs, see the BigInsights tooling help in Eclipse under category BigInsights -> Developing Jaql programs. There is a Jaql run configuration that you can use to run the Jaql script with.