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Hello everybody,


I have a question regarding the annotations and group creation. Sometimes when I have more then two tokens, I try to create an annotation or ordered group, i.e. Token1 DictEntry and Token3. I select them (all three parts ) and click "create Annotation" but the annotation spans just the second and the third token. Do I do something wrong, I want the annotation over all three tokens and not just over two of them. I have the same problem with ordered and disordered groups. Thank you a lot in advanced!


My very best mchukans

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    Re: Create an annotation or a group


    Did the post title "create an annotation or a gourp" mean to create single annotation or batch annotations? If so, you need a annotator that supports for adding batch and multiple annotations at one time. However, I haven't tried to create annotation or annotations on token, I only tested creating annotation on image or document page, like png, bmp, gif image and tiff, pdf, word and Excel document. I am not sure adding annotation or a group goes similar with document annotation add-on: embedding annotation control, loading image or document page that will be added with annotaion, debugging annotating tool to create annotation and saving annotation with image file or seperatly in local file.