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‏2014-04-11T14:21:28Z | 4.1 analyze data db2 explain ibm queries query sql tune datastudio

I am attempting, and failing, to follow the following guide:


Step 1 states the following:

  1. Right-click the database or subsystem and select Analyze and Tune > Configure for Tuning > Advanced Configuration and Privilege Management

This option is currently greyed out and I have no idea how to find out why.

Any help is greatly appreicated.


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    Re: Cannot Analyze/Tune


    Step 2 from the DS link you provided covers Linux, UNIX, and Windows, and step 3 covers z/OS. Your image indicates you're using DB2 for i 6.1, and there doesn't seem to be any "step" in the DS documentation that covers DB2 for i. I suspect that that relates to why the option is not available.