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Pinned topic RFT to RQM shared testing

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CLM 4.0.2 RFT 8.x

I have a user overseas who is running RFT and using our local RQM. Now, there is a team locally who has installed RFT and would like to run those scripts locally on additional machines.

How do we "transfer those scripts" to be run on the local machines?


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    Re: RFT to RQM shared testing


    There are couple of ways

    1. says the offshore team to make a export file of script and send it to you.Then what you have to do is just import into a project folder in local machine and run it.

    2.Ill suggest this method.

        Using version control application like SVN.

    What you have to do is install SVN and tell offshore team to check in the project in SVN  .

    SVN will store the latest as well as previous versions .

    So what SVN does is ,You can have multiple people working in one project .

    All you have to do is check in and update to synchronize the code.

    Now any one can run the code in offshore or on site.

    SVN is free application please check the link below and it does work with RFT



    Cool K