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Pinned topic Install Node modules in ICAP

‏2013-05-29T02:49:49Z | icap node

In ICAP , to  install Node modules is very simple . The usage & syntax is alike the npm install commands .

You just follow these steps:
   step: 1:  In the ICAP javaScript Perspective , switch to the ICAPJSExplorer .
              2: selected the Blogger project , right-click to list  the contextual  menu .
              3: selected  the ICAP javascript  -> npm install.
              4:  in the dialog box ,enter the modules name(or .Then click Ok to launch the module installation.
               5: If no error occures ,the modules installation is OK.
               6: If you want to assign the version , only need  replatce  name with name@version .  And, version range is also supported.

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