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Pinned topic How to config the instancePK in a clustered environment?

‏2014-04-23T11:53:02Z |

Hi all,

Now I'm going to deploy my MDM.ear into a clustered WebLogic server environment. 


From the MDMDevelopersGuide-Platform, I saw it said we can update the /IBM/DWLCommonServices/KeyGeneration/instancePKIdentifier to decide the last 2 digits of the key.


But in my environment. I only have one database and 3 application server in NodeManager for the cluster. 

And there is only one /IBM/DWLCommonServices/KeyGeneration/instancePKIdentifier in configment table. 


How can I implement this configuration?

for AppSrv1, the key generated would be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx01

for AppSrv2, the key generated would be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx02

for AppSrv3, the key generated would be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx03