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‏2013-04-26T22:33:54Z | properties subtitution

Hi All

If I'm passing subtitution properties from file as shown below

# This specifies which job from the repository to submit. 
# The following substitution property values will be passed to the job. 


Question : In xJCL     <substitution-props> </substitution-props>  should be blank or  whole section can be removed...?

I would like to know the  syntax   of  the  substitution section  should be in in xJCL

Your quick response highly appreciated.

  • Scott Kurz
    Scott Kurz
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    Re: Subtitution properties from properties


    EDIT: I'm making my 2nd update (this is my 3rd answer).

    Now I see what you're asking.    You're saying you're defining the subsitution properties in your properties file

    instead of in the xJCL, so you're asking what the xJCL needs to look like.

    You had the right idea.  Youu can  either:

    •  omit the <substitution-props> element completely OR
    •  use <substitution-props/>   (immediately close tag).

    Sorry it took me so long to get this correct (if you even saw the other updates).   Maybe I'm commenting too late in the night.


    If you wanted to have defaults in the xJCL, then my last answer would apply, it would look something like this:

        <prop name="wsbatch.count" value="xxx"/>
        <prop name="checkpoint" value="xxx"/>
        <prop name="checkpointInterval" value="xxx"/>
        <prop name="postingsDataStream" value="xxx"/>

    I.e in the props file substitution-prop.YYY corresponds to xJCL   <substitution-props><prop name="YYY"....>..

    For reference, note the XSD online:

    Updated on 2013-05-26T04:52:00Z at 2013-05-26T04:52:00Z by Scott Kurz