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‏2013-11-21T10:33:54Z |

Hi Nigel,

I'm using ncpu to simulate cpu workload on LPARs in order to test and validate the capacity planning tools and analysis method.

It should be great if you can add a feature to print out a timestamp and the count of transactions (loops,operation or whatever) at the and of ncpu execution.


# ./tools/ncpu -p 2 -z 90 -s 10

./tools/ncpu - processes=2 snooze=90% hibernate=0 secs for 10 seconds

2013-11-21 11:15:19: 5600

# ./tools/ncpu -p 2 -z 80 -s 10

./tools/ncpu - processes=2 snooze=80% hibernate=0 secs for 10 seconds

2013-11-21 11:15:29: 10200

This will allows to simulate an application performance index to correlate with cpu %util and obtain some nice chart :)


Do you think this is feasible?

Best regards


  • nagger
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    Re: ncpu request for enhancement


    Nope, I hate that idea. ncpu is for making the VM look busy and soak testing.

    ncpu is not a one command benchmark - that would be very misrepresentative and executing a tiny in L1 cache program.

    I can just imaging the 1,000 questions an hour that would generate. Some one would claim ncpu loops X is equal to Y rPerfs and I get the sack the week afterwards.

    I can see where you where going with this but Arrrgh!!!

    Sorry, Nigel Griffiths