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‏2013-11-21T10:33:54Z | ncpu nstress

Hi Nigel,

I'm using ncpu to simulate cpu workload on LPARs in order to test and validate the capacity planning tools and analysis method.

It should be great if you can add a feature to print out a timestamp and the count of transactions (loops,operation or whatever) at the and of ncpu execution.


# ./tools/ncpu -p 2 -z 90 -s 10

./tools/ncpu - processes=2 snooze=90% hibernate=0 secs for 10 seconds

2013-11-21 11:15:19: 5600

# ./tools/ncpu -p 2 -z 80 -s 10

./tools/ncpu - processes=2 snooze=80% hibernate=0 secs for 10 seconds

2013-11-21 11:15:29: 10200

This will allows to simulate an application performance index to correlate with cpu %util and obtain some nice chart :)


Do you think this is feasible?

Best regards


  • nagger
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    Re: ncpu request for enhancement


    Nope, I hate that idea. ncpu is for making the VM look busy and soak testing.

    ncpu is not a one command benchmark - that would be very misrepresentative and executing a tiny in L1 cache program.

    I can just imaging the 1,000 questions an hour that would generate. Some one would claim ncpu loops X is equal to Y rPerfs and I get the sack the week afterwards.

    I can see where you where going with this but Arrrgh!!!

    Sorry, Nigel Griffiths