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Pinned topic IBM Security Technology Outlook – Virtual Event Feb 29th , Mar 1st & 2nd at Tivoli India group

‏2012-02-23T14:51:11Z |
To participate JOIN the Tivoli India Group at

IBM is trusted by thousands or organizations worldwide to reduce their risk exposure across all areas of the business including its people, data, applications, network and endpoints, and physical infrastructure. Drawing on a deep understanding of today's security threats and backed by more than 40 years of leadership in IT security - IBM has the arsenal to help you build a complete security solution that will help you be protected today and tomorrow from the threats to your business.
Webinars, Network with Security experts, Access useful content and contribute to Blogs at Tivoli India Community! VISIT NOW AT
  • Understand the need to develop proper security for cloud implementations.
  • Attend expert talk on IBM's Qradar - A security intelligence platform which helps organizations detect threats that other's miss, predicting risks against your business,  integrating data silos, detecting insider frauds and exceeding compliance mandates.
  • Discuss new and emerging application security attacks including the latest threat data from IBM X-Force research, and explain how next generation IPS solutions from IBM can help defend against these attacks.
  • Stay ahead on Mobile security challenges faced by enterprises and different scenarios on mobile security with the help of
 - Biometric authentication using face and voice detection.                                  -  Identyfing transactional risk based on location, time etc.
Webinar Date Time (IST)
Addressing Cloud Security—The Grand Challenge 29-Feb 11AM-12PM
Shifting from desktop to cloud completely 29-Feb 3PM-4PM
Mobile Security for Smartphones 01-Mar 11AM-12PM
Security Analytics - Securing Enterprise in an increasingly threatening world 01-Mar 3PM-4PM
Addressing Emerging Threat through Next generation Intrusion Prevention 02-Mar 11AM-12PM