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Hi Team,

Can WPS Flatfile adapter inbound able to handle a 10GB text file ?.In this case do I need to put a Long running BPEL process or mediation flow to implement the business logic.My requirment is to load the data from flatfile to database.Could you recommend the components to be used to keep it light weight program.



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    Re: websphere flatfile Adapter for inbound processing




    As far as i know, FlatFile Adapter has no such volume limitation, but you can set it in it's properties. And we should know that working with such big files produces very intensive processing for Process Server engines.

    Your solution (long-running BPEL or Mediation flow) depends on your architecture patterns. For example, you produce one big business object or a lot of small business objects from this file.

    You should remember, that  WPS event manager is very subtle for extensive load, and working with such object is not very good for it. And we should remeber, that working with external systems (files, DB, etc) directly from BPEL is not the best approach. I think, that you can try to use mediation flow for parsing file. FlatFile Adapter will process file and send data to the mediation export (and Mediation flow XML processor is much faster then BPEL).