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Pinned topic [opening position] Software Test Specialist Location:Beijing

‏2011-08-26T06:59:58Z |

Job description:

This role will involve testing the IBM OpenCL Technology Preview and related software. The IBM OpenCL Technology Preview is a pre-GA implementation of the OpenCL standard (a specification for cross-platform parallel programming of modern processors) supported on the pSeries architecture. The OpenCL standard is maintained by the Khronos Group and is developed with the participation of many industry-leading companies, including IBM.

Testing will include testcase development and maintenance, detailed test execution,  debug when problems occur, opening defects and driving a quick resolution to keep the team's testing schedule. Strong shell scripting and C programming skills will be required to write new testcases and maintain current testcases. Knowledge of Linux, the Linux toolchain and pSeries is highly desired. Software Testers may set up test environments, design and plan testing activity, develop test cases/scenarios/use cases, and/or execute required testing. Testers also investigate problems uncovered during testing, recreating those problems as appropriate and executing fix validations. They provide feedback on usability, serviceability and documentation and report status to the appropriate audience.



At least 1 year experience in Testing within a Software Development Process

At least 1 year experience in Unix operating systems, preferably Linux.

At least 1 year experience with C programming

Working experience with CMVC

Good debugging skills

Please send your CV to if you're interested in our position and the mail title should be concluded with the postition name and candidate name.(Sample: LTC Linux Software Engineer  Song Xiao lei)